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About Me !



Hi there…..Thank you for your visit.

Who am I ? Well, this is short bio of me :

  1. A Murid of enlightened Syaikh (Murabbi)
  2. A Hubby of wonderfull wife
  3. A Father of bright son
  4. A Lecturer in several universities in Bandung – Indonesia
  5. An Administrator of Information-System in a sub program in a state-university of Indonesia
  6. A Post Graduate student on Business Administration in a state-university In Indonesia

My interest are :

  1. Islam, tasawuf, suluk and spiritual-life especially. Feel free to visit my islamic-blog here
  2. Computer in general
  3. Some Business science

Location : Bandung, Jawa Barat – Indonesia

Profile : Low profile, Wise, Perfectionist, Religious, Learning thirst.

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